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Speak Your Way To Success

You hear what you say, whether you happen to be speaking to yourself or to others.  What you say comes back to you like a boomerang.bul0461

You can speak in ways that empower you, uplift you, advance you toward your goals.  You can even speak in healing ways.  You can speak in ways that make you feel better or worse.

The important point is to be aware of not just what we are saying, but how it is impacting us.  After all, whether we achieve our goals or not depends upon what we do, think, feel and say.  You can talk yourself into a bad day.  You can talk yourself into success.

Every word you speak uses your energy.  Energy is your power to direct your destiny.  No one else is responsible for what you do with you power other than you.

How you speak to others and how you speak about others is not their responsibility.  It is your responsibility to use your speech power in ways that help you, and to avoid using your speech power in ways that hurt you.

Speech is a manifestation of thought.  Your life follows the direction of your thought.  Every thought you think sends you somewhere.  It is up to you to decide upon where you want to go.  Then, use your thought and your speech to help you get there.

If you feel frustrated by any condition in your life, instead of complaining about it – which only makes you feel worse – try becoming more aware of how you are using your thought and speech.

Think about what it is that you want to accomplish in life.  Make a decision about where you want to go.  Then, carefully monitor your thoughts and your speech to recognize whether you are thinking and speaking yourself toward or away from your goal.

As you harness the power of speech to work for you, you speak your way to success.

Ten Keys To Personal Success


Here are ten wisdom keys for more personal success in life.

1… Focus on making the most of your present moment  (instead of worrying about the future or if you would be better off in some other situation).

2… When you feel stressed or emotionally distressed, see if you can relax and calm down, even just a little bit, to rely on the wisdom calm confidence instead of the confusion produced by anxiety.

3… Avoid over-taxing your mind by forcing yourself to think when thinking feels like a strain.  The feeling of mental strain is a signal to rest the thinking-mind by dwelling in a calm, clear state of present awareness.

4… Every moment of time is a potential investment in creating the future that you want.  Instead of habitually living through the moment, try more consciously living IN the moment, so you can make better choices for directing your life.

5… When you feel frustrated, unhappy, discouraged or insecure look within (at your thoughts and feelings) to see what is really going on.  This will reveal that your ten keys to personal successcircumstances are not upsetting you, but rather how you are reacting to your circumstances is upsetting you.

6…. Most of our thinking and emotional reactions are HABITUAL, until we do the self-work necessary to consciously and deliberately select our thoughts and emotional responses strategically.

7… Human beings are not merely living creatures – we are living CREATORS.  We have the power to create a vision of the life we want, and we have the power to manifest that vision in our life.

8… Beware of intense emotional reactions.  They have a way of generating and attracting chaos in our life.  Practice handling all challenges in peace and poise.  Remember that there is really no such thing as a stressful situation; there are CHALLENGING situations that we may react to stressfullly.

9… Did you know that worry never works? Worry will not improve your life one bit.  Worry makes no one more effective. In fact, worry wears us down, makes us less effective, and therefore has a way of leading us into the conditions we worry about.

ten keys to personal success10… Whenever you doubt your ability to be totally successful and fulfilled you are not looking at the real you, but at a limiting self-concept that you have developed over time.  Let go of limiting self-concepts to release your authentic greatness!


As you apply these ten keys to personal success in daily living, a whole new life of splendid success will be yours!

Harness The Power Of A Positive Attitude

It is more practical to wax positive – that is, to build up a positive attitude and mindset, rather than to wax negative – or slip into a funk – in the face of life’s challenges.

Do you complain about your problems?

Every life-challenge offers you the opportunity to develop the power and wisdom you need to overcome it.

But when we complain about a problem, we program our subconscious to focus exclusively on its negative aspects and miss the greater opportunities and other blessings that it offers.

To create what you want in life you must first maintain the opportunity-mindset that prepares you to turn the way things are into the way you want things to be.

To establish yourself in this positive mindset, keep your mind free of negative judgment or habitual complaining regarding what is happening.

Apply the wisdom of waxing positive

In this way you preserve your creative freedom to recognize and take advantage of the opportunity presented to you.

It is entirely practical to learn to trust what happens.

When you judge a problem as a negative, you create the
negative situation that you conceive of.

Fearful reactions to challenge or change tempt us to imagine ourselves in a hopeless situation.

If you would just keep an open mind and look for a way to succeed, you will find it.

However tempting it may be to slip into a mood of despair about no prospects in life, you are better off living in peaceful, inner security and enjoying the present moment.

Focus your attention on an outcome that you would LOVE to happen and gently expect that a way to proceed will show itself to you in perfect timing.

Rather than waxing negative when a disappointing outcome befalls you, or when you see no way to reach your goals, try waxing POSITIVE.

 A state of positive expectation will attract solutions and creative ideas.

expect success

Imagine how you would be feeling right now if you KNEW that your way to success is going to open up for you.

Try moving your body in a way that expresses that positive attitude.

In this way you intentionally direct your energy into an attitude of joyful expectancy and thus apply the practical wisdom of waxing positive and remain tuned in to higher accomplishment.

The “Secret Wisdom” Of Your Constant Progress

Here is a “wisdom secret” that can free you from worry and fill you with encouragement.

Every experience in life moves you forward. 

 Even when it seems that you are falling back, you are moving ahead. 

  There is really only one direction in life, and that is toward your complete success.

 You have to experiment with your best ideas along the way. 

 Some work the way you want.  Some don’t. 

Even when things DO work out you soon see the flaws in it. 

 And when things don’t seem to work out, the blessings that come with that eventually are revealed.

We waste time worrying about making the absolutely right or perfect decision. 

Whatever happens, the experience will shape you into the person you are meant to be – into the person you truly WANT to be.

 If you think about failing, about discouraging possibilities, you attract what you want to avoid.

Focus on where you want to go, take your best shot at it, and see where that lands you. 

Fearful thinking may report to you that you have landed nowhere, but the reality is that you are always landing (or soaring) FORWARD. 

Focus on your goal and look for a way to move toward it right where you are.  Drop fearful speculation and let go of discouraging thought.

If something doesn’t work the way you had hoped, there are always valuable, time-saving lessons to be learned. You are always one step closer to where you want end up.  

Now you know the “secret wisdom” of your constant progress.

How To Win WIth A Disrespectful Or Intimidating Boss

Disrespectful BossSome bosses are quite skilled at “psyching” an employee into doubting the value of his or her contribution to the organization.

An example of this is the president of a company who recently tried to “show up” his sales director by taking over a sales meeting in an effort to prove to everyone present that he, the president of the company, could do a better job.

There are bosses who will publicly insult an employee in a leadership position to achieve the same result.

One obvious motivation behind doing this is to discourage the employee from asking for or expecting a raise in pay.

This tactic can also be used to subtly manipulate an employee into accepting a cut in pay or into submitting to additional work-demands without additional compensation.Disrespectful Boss

A more personal motivation comes down to sheer, dysfunctional egotism rooted in an unconscious inferiority complex.  It may feed the boss’s insecure craving for a sense of power, superiority and worth to make you feel fearfully dependent upon his or her discretion.

 The point is that moment you become caught up in proving yourself you stop really being yourself and begin over-extending and disrespecting yourself.

 Employees who complain that their bosses are just too hard to please are often just falling for the ruse their boss is using to manipulate them into giving more and accepting less, including giving that boss more power over them than is really necessary or in their best interest.

When you feel afraid or even mildly anxious about your boss’s evaluation of your contribution, you give up your power to determine your own destiny.

Remember that no one hires you unless YOU make that happen.

believe in yourself The reality is that the only one who really has to believe in what you have to offer is YOU.

You will always reap what you sow.  Your results in life depend upon what YOU say, think, feel and do, not upon what another says, thinks or does.

This does not mean that the interests and opinions of others do not matter.  It means that your concept of yourself is a critical cause of how well you do and of how others see and relate with you.

When you worry about pleasing your boss you are distracted from making a REAL contribution, which not only lowers the real value of your work; it also makes your work unfulfilling.

 You weren’t hired to please your boss, even if your boss seems to try very hard to make you think that you were.

You were hired to do your best work in line with the aims of the organization.

As long as that remains your primary focus and intention you are acting in real integrity, which ultimately brings true honor to yourself.

Beyond this, self-confidence is one of the pillars that uphold competence.  You have to feel secure about yourself to do your best work, to make the best decisions, to access your highest level of creativity and problem-solving ability.

 Some bosses will go to great lengths to keep you guessing about their actual view of you as a sort of test to see how strong and capable you really are.

If you maintain your commitment to giving your best work without worrying about what your boss is up to, you may actually impress your boss with the strength of your character and be perceived as dependable instead of as dependent.

be self-assured As you practice feeling, thinking and acting authentically self-assured, you radiate a quality of personal power that inspires others to feel secure about you, demonstrate your highest ability and prove your true worth to the organization.

Where Being In Charge Begins: The Core Of Leadership Development

NON-reactivity is a great Leadership Skill.





NON-reactivity is a great Leadership Skill.

It is actually the true core of an effective leader’s training.

“Non-reactivity” means, essentially, that your initial response to any event is “relaxed emotional neutrality”.

This state places you in a true leadership position, because to be in charge begins with being in charge of yourself.

 When people or circumstances make you react, they are in charge.

NON-reactivity is a great Leadership Skill.

To be REactive means that you slip into an automatic reaction rather than a purposeful, strategic response.

 A reactive leader ignores goals,
needs and strategy.

 Strategic responsiveness, which means acting with purpose or aligning your response with needs and objectives, represents the essence of leadership.

A relaxed state of emotional neutral gives you access to your most resourceful leadership capacity.

NON-reactivity is a great Leadership Skill.

You can think more clearly, observe more accurately, and respond more strategically than when a reaction of stress and strain seizes hold of you.

In other words you lead more effectively when you respond with peace and poise than when you react with automatic emotional intensity.

Reactivity consumes leadership power.  Stress and strain produce an energy-drain.

Reactivity not only undermines your individual effectiveness.  As a leader you role model your mode.  So when you react, you model a draining, non-strategic mode of work for your followers, and lead them away from the positive work model you want them to demonstrate.

For example, a reactive mode always drains motivation. You lose your positiveNON-reactivity is a great Leadership Skill. attitude for as long as that reaction lasts.  As a consequence of the example you set, your followers are bound to demonstrate lower morale.

Non-reactivity empowers you to lead others, to lead yourself and your life more easily and enjoyably.

Non-reactivity is not merely a leader-skill to “believe in”.  It is a one of those “best leadership practices” that requires continual long-term exercise to develop.

Automatic reaction patterns are habitual, and habits that have been in charge for a long time can take a long time to weaken.

Whether opportunity or opposition befalls you, practice dealing with it in a state of relaxed emotional neutral.  From that point of peace and poise you can:

  •  Choose your response strategically
  •  Avoid the negativity and drain of stress and strain
  • Model higher performance and a more positive attitude
  • Direct events and lead people to more easily and effectively.

A relaxed state of emotional neutral gives you access to your most resourceful leadership capacity. Achieve a higher level of leadership success with more ease and enjoyment through by exercising the indispensable leadership skill of non-reactivity.

Trust The Power of Peaceful Confidence

A Positive AttitudeTrusting yourself, trusting your life, is the foundation of a positive attitude that leads to positive results.

It’s important to develop the patience needed to trust the time things take, including the time it takes for an idea to pop into your head, for things to change, for an opportunity to arrive.

When we face dire straits, like going broke, dealing with a serious illness, or losing someone we love, trusting that it is okay to see no way out can be extremely difficult to do.

And yet, developing self-confidence, courage and faith at that heroic level is also extremely important to do.

We need to avoid or stop worrying, because filling our head with thoughts of pessimism and dread leaves no space in our mind for our solution to arrive.

When you have no idea of what to do about the future, live in the now, confidently trusting that things will work out in line with what you want to happen.

Don’t give up on your great goals, even when it seems that the bottom is about to fall out; but also don’t stressfully struggle to figure out a way to be successful or even a way to avoid failure.a patient, positive attitude for success

 Give up on your FEARS!

 Holding onto imaginary scenarios of what you do not want to happen:

  • Plagues you with unproductive, unhealthy anxiety
  • Steals all your joy and capacity for deep, rich gratitude for all of your blessings
  • Repels from your heart and mind your “inner light” of guidance
  • Manifests conditions that match your frightening inner visions
  • Wastes the creative mind-power of your imagination to manifest the success you desire

When we face uncertainty, particularly when grave risk is involved, it can seem unreasonable, irresponsible, and maybe even insane to live in the present, with inner peace and confidence, and without a worry about the future.

But in that state of confidence and inner peace your body can do its best work of healing and staying healthy.  You can relate lovingly and patiently with the people in your life.  And the power of your confidence exerts its “magical” influence over your destiny, HELPING life meet or surpass your greatest expectations.

 Develop a patient, positive attitude for successWhile it may seem that maintaining your faith in the face of danger is crazy, it is worrying about a frightening future POSSIBILITY that more accurately characterizes insanity.

The future that you fear is not real. It is an imaginary condition that you relate to as real as long as you worry about it.  It is an UNREAL condition and living within it causes you to suffer.  Now THAT’S crazy!

When facing danger of any kind, including financial problems, health issues and relationship challenges, even when the eleventh hour seems to be closing in, make your faith PRACTICAL by living in the now, with confidence.

Be at peace, alert to recognize when your mind comes up with a solution or your circumstances reveal your “open door” of opportunity.

Your positive attitude will lead you into positive resultsDevelop a patient, positive attitude for success

A Great Success Secret: The Wisdom of The Open Door of Opportunity

door of opportunity success secret: team building trainingsYou’ve heard the success-wisdom expression, “When one door of opportunity closes, another door of opportunity opens”?

Here is one way that this empowering wisdom works.

When you feel frustrated by your effoprts to accomplish a goal, this does not have to cause you to feel stuck.


If you seem blocked from accomplishing something you want, look at the reasons why you want it.

Although you may not be able to achieve your goal right now, you CAN do things to experience more of the success and satisfaction you want FROM that goal.

For instance, if you want to make more money, but you have not been able to do that, think about the reasons WHY you want more money.

Let’s say one reason is so you can feel free of economic worries.  To apply a wise strategy for success, focus DIRECTLY on gaining your freedom from economic worry.

How can you do this? By doing internal self-work for emotional liberation from dependency upon external circumstances to feel internally secure and confident.   door of opportunity success secret: team building trainings

So one open door to more success in this situation is to do the self-help work of strengthening your emotional security, trust and confidence without waiting for your economical condition to change.

The great success secret being presented here is simply this: Whatever it is that you want, when the way to it seems blocked, step back and clarify the most important reasons WHY you want it.

Then look for creative, alternative ways to satisfy those WHY’S and you will experience more success and satisfaction.

Don’t get caught up in a fretful, futile power-struggle with your life.  Look for alternative ways to experience more of what you want right without having to manifest that goal first.  This simple practice will reveal to you your open path to more accomplishment and fulfillment.

door of opportunity success secret: team building trainings


The more you practice this approach to succeeding in life, the more you develop the habitual success mindset of looking for and taking full advantage of your open doors instead of wasting your life on worrying about the closed doors.

A common mistake people make is to put off their satisfaction and success until they achieve some big, over-arching goal.

When a door of opportunity seems closed it is often because we are placing the cart before the horse.  We think we need something to happen BEFORE we can have a particular experience, when that is not indeed the case.

Remember this creative success secret of the open door: you can always find alternative, creative ways to experience or accomplish more of what you expect to get from any goal presently beyond your reach.door of opportunity success secret: team building trainings

Increase Employee Motivation For A Great Team

motivational team building trainingsYour attitude impacts your performance and relationships.

For a high level of individual and team performance, you need a highly motivated team.

Performing well and maintaining positive, productive relationships demands that you feel energized.

Your level of motivation is an expression the degree to which you feel energized.

When a high degree of motivation is sustained, individual performance and teamwork can skyrocket.

When workers feel highly motivated, they exude a positive attitude, creating an inspiring workplace atmosphere.

An environment that is positively charged with the attitude of motivated people is a healthier and more productive environment than one in which workers feel disgruntled or the staff feels bored.

motivational team building trainingsMotivational Tip for Team Building: Great teamwork requires a serious commitment on the part of leadership to provide to the employees with regular, consistent motivational team building.

Think of motivation as the “juice” in your “internal power-battery”. we deplete the positive energy in our battery.

When motivation is low, the positive energy in our “internal power-battery” has been depleted.

This can occur for any number of reasons, including due to

  • Overly demanding workloads
  • Uninspiring leadership
  • Demoralizing micro-management
  • The natural ebb-and-flow pattern of motivation levels

Whatever the cause of the decline in worker motivation, performance declines co-measuredly.

Among the workforce problems that typically arise as motivation levels fall include:

  • motivational team building trainingsA lack of full workforce engagement
  • Interpersonal strife between co-workers
  • Lower customer satisfaction
  • An increase in the number and seriousness of workplace accidents
  • Poor decision-making that may have costly consequences

As an organization takes effective steps to improve motivation among its members, individuals and teams of professionals tend to work at a higher level, including improved:

  • Problem Solving
  • Decision-Making
  • Goal Achievement
  • Team Bonding and Cohesiveness

5 Motivational Team Building Tips:

  1. Regard the level of employee motivation as a true “energy resource” that is essential for the success of your organization.
  2. Motivators are contagious. To produce or to be part of a more motivated team, be self-motivated.
  3. DE-motivation is ALSO contagious. Spend no more time than you must with someone expressing low morale, or that person’s negativity can drag your down.
  4.  When YOU feel unmotivated, take a break from your work (or take it easy at your work) and try to spend time on your own, to avoid being a drag on others and to avoid being further dragged down by others.
  5. Since your attitude impacts your performance and your relationships, as youmotivational team building trainings preserve, nurture, and protect your own power of motivation, you will enjoy the greater rewards of higher performance and more supportive relationships. 

Routine team building trainings and events aimed at supporting and recharging team spirit are essential for the highest level of workforce performance and productivity.